Upcoming Events

Art of Movement Meditation
with Aylin Pashaian
Saturday March 2nd

Movement is medicine, it’s healing, it’s transformational. When we move our bodies, the energy starts flowing, our soul slowly feels free. We have to let go, so we can really tap into that feeling of being in body.

I’m inviting you to participate in this community workshop, that’ll teach you tools and methods that’ll help you unstuck any stuck energy in your body and connect to your body and soul through your own breath, guided movements and curated music, so you’ll become your own healer.

This space will be a safe space to connect, create, let go, feel a sense of belonging, learn and experience transformation and change.

Your facilitator Aylin, creator of Westside Yogis is a trained choreographer and dancer with years of experience, who became a yoga and meditation teacher 6 years ago.

She has been on a healing journey herself. Through her journey of becoming who she is today, she has learned many tools such as somatic psychology, a variety of forms of movement, meditation and breathwork that has helped her to find the light in the darkest nights of the soul & find her flow in life.

Come as you are and get ready to leave with a handful of connections. Come solo or with a friend/partner. Appropriate for beautiful humans of all genders and backgrounds. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

The Art of Attunement  
With Jessica Corbin and Jade Wolf
Saturday March 9th 1:00pm-3:30pm

An opportunity for incredible expansion and connection.

Your body is so much more than flesh and bones.

It is a powerful energetic instrument that your soul expresses through.

But just like all instruments, learning, practicing, cleaning and tuning is required so that the rare music of your soul can express freely without obstruction or distortion.

 The Art Of Attunement is an every-other month masterclass to help you deepen your relationship with  asana, meditation, somatics, breathwork, your unique emotional and creative energy, and soul-centered communication, so you can truly experience the magic of the world around you.

Within this powerful space each person will strengthen their capacity to intuitively discover how the practice wants to express through their own unique instrument, while providing companionship for others in our collective expansion. It’s going to be fun and wild and we hope you will join this adventure and free yourself with us! Let the symphony of love and expansion begin!

The Good Stuff with Jade Wolf
Open to True Love
Next Date March 23rd 2024 1-3pm

You are invited to this very special Good Stuff, open to true love event. In our time together we will release old stuck energy to liberate and uncover our potential as loving and engaged humans on the planet!  Every Good Stuff gathering is a transformative experience and this one will be centered in the heart!  In our time together we will learn and grow our energy healing techniques, somatic movement, ecstatic re-centering and emotional embodiment breathwork to feel really alive and shed layers that are ready to move! Let’s get unstuck and grow our loving potential together!  If you are ready to feel and allow more of your authentic expression as a loving, feeling, emotional being than this is for you! If you are ready to feel more alive in the moment and in your life The Good Stuff is an amazing practice to support and encourage you on your growth and healing journey! High Five! 

See you there!

Each Class we move, sweat, breathe, laugh, cry, expand and totally reset our nervous system to experience more safety and joy in our bodies and minds. We practice healing ourselves with curiosity, self acceptance and good music! We actively open to the truth of who we are as loveable, connected, worthy, free beings. (no big deal ha!)

Bring a journal if you feel called. Side effects often include deep realization, momentarily touching in with enlightenment, creative inspiration, clarity in places where there was confusion. 

Jade Wolf Is a Meditation and Movement Teacher, Intuitive Healer, and Visual artist who works these tools to recover, liberate, and grow herself and loves sharing this powerful and joy filled expression of life with others! This is your invitation to Play, Transform, Create, and Liberate

Spaced Out: Cannabis Enhanced Yoga
with Brandee Hewlett
Saturday, March 30
8pm – 10pm

Yoga & Cannabis – a match made by the heavens. Each offers its own unique benefits and together they make way for us to experience deeper embodiment, open our minds, and see the world from a new and beautiful perspective.  

The experience begins with sponsor-provided cannabis in different forms (flower & edibles) for you to enjoy while you mingle with like-minded people. Next, you will be guided through a one hour Yin class with a half hour Sound Bath. The evening will leave you relaxed, restored, and transformed. 

This class is for all levels but you must be 21+ to attend. This is a private event and you will be asked to show your ID for entry.