with Jordan Corey

Sunday, June 5th
3:30pm – 5pm

Jordan has been working with Moon cycles ritualistically since 2018 to delve into the deeper rhythms of the natural world. Traditionally, New Moons were a time of taking stock, intention setting and preparation for the month ahead. In Circle, we work with the Tarot to help facilitate more self awareness and conscious creation through the lens of the Lunar cycles.

What to expect: 
– altar space to charge personal crystals/heirlooms/etc 
– guided grounding meditation
– discussion of the themes of this new moon in relation to the tarot 
– individualized, one card reading for each attendee
– suggested journaling questions specific to the themes of this moon 
– closing meditation 

As a reader, Jordan’s focus lies in personal power – what do you have the power to change now? Where are you in control? How is your current perspective shaping your future? How can we alter or embrace these truths to co-create with the Universe in a way that serves our highest selves? 

You can follow Jordan on Instagram here for daily Tarot pulls and insights. 

with Esteban Ecclesia

Saturday, June 4th
7pm – 9pm

During this collective healing circle you will learn a simple and powerful way to access the ZeroPoint Energy field (pure consciousness), activate your energy, remove stuck/dark energies within yourself and replace them with new powers of your own choice. 

Esteban spent three years in silence in a state of constant meditation – one year sitting, one year walking, and one year running. Throughout this time energy was simultaneously the source, the goal, and the way. He learned to self-heal energetically and discover how limitless our human potential is when we align with our inner force. 

For the last seven years he has been healing and empowering many souls. He is adamant that each one of us can develop the ability to heal any kind of traumas, blockages, or diseases, and is eager to show you how.

No prior experience in meditation required. Just bring an open heart, your energy, and let the magic of the group do the work.

with Brandee Hewlett

Saturday, May 28th
7pm – 9pm

Yoga & Cannabis – a match made by the heavens. Each offers its own unique benefits and together they make way for us to experience deeper embodiment, open our minds, and see the world from a new and beautiful perspective.  

The experience begins with sponsor-provided cannabis in different forms (herbal thc teas, topicals, and joints) for you to enjoy while you mingle with like-minded people. Next, you will be guided through a one hour Yin class with a Savasana Soundbath. The evening will leave you relaxed, restored, and transformed. 

This class is for all levels but you must be 21+ to attend. This is a private event and you will be asked to show your ID for entry. Masks will be required when not partaking in cannabis.

Past Events

with Jade Wolf

Virtual & In Studio

Future Dates TBA

Every ‘Good Stuff’ we grow our connection and recover our energy through Meditation, Stretching, Movement and Breathwork.

The Good Stuff is perfect for anyone who is looking to deepen their practice and their relationship to the truth of who they are. It is an embodiment practice to heal and strengthen your connection to your creativity and intuition. The Good Stuff is a space to get unstuck by moving your energy and reclaiming your magic!

Join me and let’s enliven the Joy, Health, and Grace in our Lives.

For more on Jade’s magic, check out the clips below, or watch the full interview here.

on the good stuff…

on our potential…

on recovering your spirit…