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The Best Night of Your Life: Sparkling Wine
Yoga, Wine, & Music

Friday, December 9th at 7:30pm

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with Brandee Hewlett

Saturday, December 17th
8pm – 10pm

Yoga & Cannabis – a match made by the heavens. Each offers its own unique benefits and together they make way for us to experience deeper embodiment, open our minds, and see the world from a new and beautiful perspective.  

The experience begins with sponsor-provided cannabis in different forms (herbal thc teas, topicals, and joints) for you to enjoy while you mingle with like-minded people. Next, you will be guided through a one hour Yin class with a Savasana Soundbath. The evening will leave you relaxed, restored, and transformed. 

This class is for all levels but you must be 21+ to attend. This is a private event and you will be asked to show your ID for entry.

The Good Stuff with Jade Wolf
(A two-hour version of
Breathwork & Flow)

Sunday, December 18th
from 3pm – 5pm

The Good Stuff is a two hour version of our Breathwork and Flow class you have come to know and love. We gather to grow our connection and recover our energy through Meditation, Stretching, Movement, and Breathwork.

The Good Stuff is perfect for anyone who is looking to deepen their practice and their relationship to the truth of who they are. It is an embodiment practice to heal and strengthen your connection to your creativity and intuition. The Good Stuff is a space to get unstuck by moving your energy and reclaiming your magic!

Headphone Music Hypnosis
with Gina Hemmings


Taking you on a deeply relaxing musical, restorative and hypnotic journey through the subconscious mind – helping to clear old blocks and beliefs, as we replace them with new positive suggestions. Allowing the mind and body too deeply relax as we will help to break down looping thoughts and become more present allowing us to install positive suggestions for lasting change, healing and growth.

Using state of the art wireless headphones, each class will be deeply relaxing as you lie down and drift in and out of dreamy flow state allowing the mind and body to let go completely rest, restore and renew.

Learn more at www.mindropwellbeing.com.

*Please note that for all events, cancellation must be outside of 24 hours to receive a refund.