Upcoming Events

Cannabis Enhanced Yoga
with Brandee Hewlett
Saturday, March 25th from 8pm – 10pm

Yoga & Cannabis – a match made by the heavens. Each offers its own unique benefits and together they make way for us to experience deeper embodiment, open our minds, and see the world from a new and beautiful perspective.  

The experience begins with sponsor-provided cannabis in different forms (herbal thc teas, topicals, and joints) for you to enjoy while you mingle with like-minded people. Next, you will be guided through a one hour Yin class with a Savasana Soundbath. The evening will leave you relaxed, restored, and transformed. 

This class is for all levels but you must be 21+ to attend. This is a private event and you will be asked to show your ID for entry.

Women’s Connection Circle
Sunday, March 26th from 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Led by Aimee Strauss & Michelle Christensen

Breathwork & Sound Healing
Saturday, April 8th
Saturday, April 8th from 7pm to 8:30pm

Old World vs. New World Wines
Friday, April 14th at 7:30pm

Yoga Sculpt Workshop led by Kristina Bant
Saturday, April 22nd from 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Are you excited for more of the power Kristina brings to her “Power Vinyasa” classes? Then join her for a workshop that ups the ante and adds playful sculpting movies to intensify the flow.

Over two hours, we will explore familiar asanas and add some challenging drills to build strength, endurance, and even our technique. We will end with some deep stretching to complement the strengthening. We will move to an upbeat playlist, get in a good sweat, and set the foundation for you to incorporate more sculpting into your vinyasa flows.

Bring your yoga-mat towel for this one! And any hand or ankle weights, if you have them!

Chakra Healing Yoga & Sound Bath
Date TBA

Join us for a 90-minute all-levels vinyasa yoga and sound therapy class focusing on aligning chakras. For this class, we’ll focus on grounding to reduce stress and anxiety. The chakra focus will be the root.

You’ll feel grounded and energized after the session.

Chakras are energy centers in the body that align with the psychological, spiritual, and emotional parts of ourselves. There are seven chakras in the body residing along the spine. You should visualize chakras as spinning wheels of energy each with its own unique color and purpose. When they are balanced and open, you feel a flow to life. In this class, we’ll work to balance chakras and power certain ones to energize us. 

The class will end with a 30-minute sound bath for deep meditation. (Optional journaling at the end of class). 

*Please note that for all events, cancellation must be outside of 24 hours to receive a refund.