Upcoming Events

A Night of Art Under the Stars: Music, Poetry, Tarot, and Wine
Saturday, June 3rd from 7pm – 9pm

Hosted by Brenna Kischuk and Mary Lou DiMuro
with performances by Astrid Vineyard, Christina Venuti, and Brandee Hewlett.

Join us at the studio to experience the artistry and talent of some of your favorite instructors! The evening will feature music from Astrid (The Oopsadaisies), poetry by Christina Venuti, and a group tarot reading by Brandee Hewlett. Brenna will also guide you through a tasting of two different wines that delight the palate. Non-alcoholic beverages and refreshments will be served.

Grab a friend (or five!) and gather at the Nest for community, connection, and art. We hope to see you there! 

Tune into Your Authentic Expression

A Cacao Ceremony and Community Circle with Cosmic Collective

Sunday, June 11th from 2pm – 4pm

In honor of pride month we are connecting to our authentic selves for this event! Join Alyssa Fletcher and Leyla Firatli to dive deep and explore your own unique blueprint and how to honor it without fear of judgement.

We will start out with a cacao ceremony and active breath work, then move into some light journaling to get clear on where we’re at with our relationship to our authentic selves and how to better express it. Then we’ll move into an all levels vinyasa flow and free movement (maybe even a little dance party?) We’ll close it out with a guided mediation and sound bath, and of course snacks at the end with the opportunity to connect and be in community. Expect to feel deeply held and seen in this space.We can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

Please bring a yoga mat, journal, and pen. Option to bring your favorite mug or anything you would like to meditate with/add to the altar. 

Attune to the Divine in You: A Reiki Experience
with Ashley Hawkins
Sunday, June 18th from 2pm – 3:30pm

Join us to relax, restore, and allow a clear channel of light consciousness to nourish your soul.

Do you desire a closer connection to the abundant forces supporting the creation of your highest good? This empowering and inspiring session is for you! Recline, breathe, receive reiki healing, and share in oracle transmission.

Bring a paper and pen! There will be space for Q & A.

Cannabis Enhanced Yoga
with Brandee Hewlett
Saturday, June 24th from 8pm – 10pm

Yoga & Cannabis – a match made by the heavens. Each offers its own unique benefits and together they make way for us to experience deeper embodiment, open our minds, and see the world from a new and beautiful perspective.  

The experience begins with sponsor-provided cannabis in different forms (herbal thc teas, topicals, and joints) for you to enjoy while you mingle with like-minded people. Next, you will be guided through a one hour Yin class with a Savasana Soundbath. The evening will leave you relaxed, restored, and transformed. 

This class is for all levels but you must be 21+ to attend. This is a private event and you will be asked to show your ID for entry.

The Best Night of Your Life: Summer Chill
Friday, July 7th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Led by Brenna Kischuk with DJ Kosmoart

More info TBA!

Chakra Healing Yoga & Sound Bath
Date TBA

Join us for a 90-minute all-levels vinyasa yoga and sound therapy class focusing on aligning chakras. For this class, we’ll focus on grounding to reduce stress and anxiety. The chakra focus will be the root.

You’ll feel grounded and energized after the session.

Chakras are energy centers in the body that align with the psychological, spiritual, and emotional parts of ourselves. There are seven chakras in the body residing along the spine. You should visualize chakras as spinning wheels of energy each with its own unique color and purpose. When they are balanced and open, you feel a flow to life. In this class, we’ll work to balance chakras and power certain ones to energize us. 

The class will end with a 30-minute sound bath for deep meditation. (Optional journaling at the end of class). 

*Please note that for all events, cancellation must be outside of 24 hours to receive a refund.