The Yoga Nest was established in 2012 and has been a home to many locals and visitors over the years. We believe that a yoga studio should feel like home, whether you live down the street and have been coming for years, or it’s your first time and you are visiting from another continent. 

If you are weary of the corporate vibe and would prefer some good clean yoga, come home to the Nest. We are a community, because we value our shared humanity, and prefer to appreciate and celebrate our differences, rather than create walls out of them. 

We believe that peace, love and kindness are essential, and that it is time for humanity to reconnect with our hearts and live our truth. We know that yoga is a means of awakening the inner body and reconnecting us with our inner wisdom and strength. We believe that all life is sacred, and so we do our best to support individuals, businesses and organizations that act accordingly.

At the Nest, we love our Mother Earth, indeed many of us follow our yoga practice with a long beach walk or a surf. We also see that the planet has been disrespected and violated, as have many of the beings that call this planet home. And, we believe that by diving into a practice like yoga, we organically remember how to treat ourselves and each other with respect, appreciation, dignity, love and kindness. In turn, we feel more inclined and capable of caring for our earth home.

 Our community has witnessed many transformations over the years, both individually and collectively. It is our deep understanding that healing and change do not happen in a vacuum. Therefore, if it happens for one of us, it happens for all of us, and if it’s happening here in Venice Beach, it must be happening in other communities as well. We hold faith in our hearts that humanity is ready to find balance again, and that this is a collective endeavor. We are making our contribution by showing up daily, in a loving and respectful way. Please come visit, our doors are open.