Yoga Nest Venice is a home grown community, not a concept.

Our community stems from all corners of this beautiful planet. Some of us live here by the beach. Some of us travel here from other states or other countries for work.

Many of us are travelers who may or may not return to this space for months or even years, but still feel at home when we walk through the doors, and take a bit of the energy back to our respective homes when we leave. 

We come to the Nest to empower ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. We come to the Nest to restore balance to life when things get off-kilter. We come to the Nest when we feel the need to reconnect with ourselves and with the world around us in a healthy and loving way.

We appreciate our differences, especially our religious differences. We are grateful to hold space for all people to feel welcomed, regardless of our shape and size, sexual preference, gender, age or religion.

We are proud be a community that practices loving kindness. We feel deeply that the world is our community, and we lovingly embrace the human race. We believe that practicing something as simple as yoga is one way to bring our planet closer to peace.

We value presence and we practice patience.

The Nest is not a concept, not a gym, not a scene or a place of competition.

The Nest is a community, it’s a home.