Upcoming Trainings

The Art and Science of Sound Healing

20 hour training
Facilitated by Brandee Hewlett

March 15th through 17th , 2024.

Sound Healing is an auditory experience that elicits our relaxation response, calms our minds, relaxes the body, and activates the body’s own natural healing systems. This immersive weekend experience taps into the symphony of the soul. This training is for the beginner or curious practitioner. You will learn the intuitive art as well as the science behind sound healing. This hands on training will leave you ready to facilitate your own classes or for your personal practice.

*No experience or instruments necessary.
*In-person training only.

Level 1 Training Includes:

  • Essence and theory of sound as medicine.
  • Science of sound as medicine.
  • Brain waves, frequencies, and entrainment.
  • Hands on experience with crystal bowls and other instruments.
  • How to facilitate a sound bath.
  • Chakras and mantras for healing.

Friday, March 15th: 7pm – 9pm
Saturday, March 16th: 12:30pm – 7pm
Sunday, March 17th: 1pm – 5pm

Pricing: $695