Teacher Training 2018


This training will be a deep exploration into the Self(Your Inner Teacher). Over the course of the 18 days we will take you on a journey through yogic movement, alignment, anatomy, adjustments, philosophy, meditation, energy awareness- including kundalini, the chakras and bandhas. We will identify and release our masks/stories, explore plant medicine, engage in sacred ceremony and grow more intimate with our bodies through eating nourishing foods in a conscious and loving manner.
During this time we will commune with nature, spending time on our very spacious property in contemplation, cultivating our inner listening and re-aligning with the truth within our hearts.
The Elder trees of the Sequoias are also just a short drive from our doorstep, which we will visit for guidance.
This training will be led by Lori Snyder, Sara Falugo, and Gina dos Santos Hilte, Lori Barron, Nina Franoszek, Lyudmyla Grytsyna and Jörg Falugo.