Seven Days and Six Nights in a Beautiful Oceanfront Sanctuarybali

Led by Lori Barron and Sara Falugo

March 22nd, 2015 through March 28th, 2015

*qi gong
*herbal medicine
*reiki attunement
*local excursions
*daily meals provided by world renowned chef

We will delve deeply into spirit and reconnect with our inner wisdom/guide.

Feel supported by the collective as you reconnect to your divine wisdom and fill up your tool box with methods that support you in living your authentic truth.

Early Bird per room, each room includes one king size bed- suitable for one or two people  $2,795 (50% deposit due by Dec 31st, final payment due by March 1st).

After Dec 31st – $3295




LORI LEWIS BARRON aka “HERB GIRL” has been practicing Health and Holistic living for over 20 years. Her formal training began in 1995 when she moved to Oahu, Hawaii and did her Reiki Master training with renowned Master Teacher Lori Graham. She went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the World Medicine Institute of the Pacific in Honolulu in 2004. She has trained under Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden for six years and studied Amazonian Plant Medicine with shamans in Peru.

Herb Girl has devoted her life to helping people attain ‘Radiant Health of Body, Mind and Spirit’. She has also studied Holistic Nutrition, Neuro LInguistic Programming, and Meditation.

One of her life’s mottos is “Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone”. She successfully supports her clients in attaining their deepest calling in Health, Relationships and Career through these modalities.



Sara Falugo offers classes that are breath focused and meditative. It is her intention to hold a space for those practicing to tune into the present moment, to hold their bodies in a loving and non-judgmental manner, and to align with their highest selves.


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